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Mention "Rodrigo Duterte" to some Filipino and you are certain to receive one of two responses -- ferocious adulation or sour disgust.

Without doubt, he's a polarizing figure.   But no matter where you stand with this guy, 1 thing is not in question -- town that he dominated as mayor for 22 years is among the nation's greatest and most innovative.  We'd heard many great things about Davao ahead of our trip and it was nice to discover that all it sounded authentic.  The town was cleaner compared to Manila and it felt safe to walk round.

What struck me was the way the pawnshops in Davao appeared more like retail jewellery stores when compared with this mini-fortresses we've got in Manila!   Most significant of all, the taxpayers of Davao Appear to honor President Duterte.  Our cab driver for 2 weeks went on and on about him and all of the good he has done for Davao.

And it was not from fear or blind worship.  It seemed more like a kid mature enough to comprehe…

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